At this very moment one short week ago, I was sitting rather uncomfortably at my desk, anxiously awaiting a very difficult conversation with my supervisors. It was a stable job and it paid well - two things not ordinarily synonymous with graphic design work - and I was about to walk away from it with no real prospects on the horizon. It was a total leap of faith. 

I wanted to vomit.

BACKSTORY: Three years ago I began working at an advertising agency as an account executive AND a graphic designer. Anyone who knows me finds this completely laughable - I am not, nor will I ever be good at administrative work. My forte is anything creative, and the six brief months I spent straddling those two positions were some of the most trying times of my career. But boy, did it stretch me in all the best ways. Eventually my duties shifted entirely to graphic design. I got comfortable. I worked hard. I was on a nice, secure career track as an in-house designer.

Alas, I came to a crossroads. Life is funny like that.

If I'm being honest, the stirring in my heart began from the very first moment I put on my agency pants and assumed the role of the 8 - 5 employee. Any free-spirited creative individual knows precisely what I mean. So it came as no shock that when faced with the choice between furthering my agency career and flying solo, I chose to spread my wings. It was an impossibly gut-wrenching decision - one that came after much inner turmoil and deliberation. Yet a choice I felt complete peace with, despite staring into the face of the unknown.

There are so many valuable nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from my agency experience that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Not to mention the incredible people I had the pleasure of working alongside (lovingly referred to as my "work wives/husbands"). 

Now where were we? Yes, a week ago to this very moment... I was quitting my job. It was a the best resignation experience one could hope for - completely understood, amicable, supportive, and for that I am endlessly thankful. 

So, thus begins a new chapter in my story. One I will affectionately title "Adventures in Self Employment." It's time to test my abilities and see just how far I can go. Time to chase my passion for art and design with reckless abandon. Time to grow, change, move, shake and do.

Follow me on my journey. Hilarity, heartache and cat memes are sure to ensue.